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If you do a thorough research on what happened you will realize that you are almost guaranteed to be using the same distributor. These printscreens are just an example. (Do your own research). From what we have seen over the last few days Spotify has done a huge ban wave where even artists who didn't do any marketing activities got their content removed. Our plays are sourced through a variety of big sources and are coming from real users. As is written clearly in our terms and conditions and also in the terms of Spotify, they frown upon the use of any marketing service. Once you choose to buy one of our services you take the risk with your own content. We are not responsible for the choices you make, not for the content you create nor for any royalties you might or might not earn. We just deliver our services as advertised. Our main goal in 2021 is to improve our services and sell you nothing but the highest quality. reverbenation fans

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